An overview of BayCycle Project – Cycling across the San Francisco Bay

Bikes play a major role in the life of several people, be it an adventure, recreation, commuting, or health. They have the power to combine the flourishing culture with the need of the urban passengers who have to use tunnels and bridges to travel to their workplaces. Judah Schiller has come up with a great idea to solve this problem. It is an affordable and sustainable idea that stamps a new borderline on aquatic sports and transportation, which is water biking. 

The BayCycle project is an initiative that is currently looking for funds on Indiegogo to make a compact and easy-to-use system that can connect any bike, despite its construction or frame size, to a pontoon-like inflated base. With normal steering and pedaling, the mechanism can glide along with huge water bodies and can also jump waves of the oceans. 

As two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water and more than a billion bicycles are being used across the world, the BayCycle project has a great scope.  It opens new opportunities to travel to work eliminating traffic on the bridges and tunnels. It also promotes physical activity and fitness. Thus these water bikes combine adventure, joy, and health benefits. 

You can cross the Hudson River into New York City in just 15 minutes. Similarly, there are various cities across the world separated by such water bodies that can be crossed easily with water bikes. 

Several people may find it hard to digest that water biking can be an Olympic sport or an effective means of transportation. But remember that mountain biking was also a young adventure, which was started only in the 1960s. Now it has become a global sport that has billion dollars investment. Statistics also say that after ten years of its launch mountain bikes exceeded the road bikes in terms of sales. Since the younger generation has grown more passionate about sports, sports have become an essential component of human life. They wager on their favorite sports and use sports as a means of earning money in addition to being a kind of entertainment. One well-known sport with betting options is Mega Dice Casino, a brand-new casino that specializes in bitcoin gambling and payments.

However, the BayCycle project also faces some challenges like any other initiative in its initial stages. Currently, no kits for water bikes are available that can be attached to all the bikes irrespective of their construction or frame size. The BayCycle project is trying to build a modern, 21st century, easy-to-use compact system that can work globally with any of the bicycles in the world to enable bike riding on the surface of the water. 

The goal of the initiative is to collect $50,000 as funds as the campaign ends. If this goal is accomplished BayCycle will unseal more funds of $50,000, free labor, and resources. Thus the initiative can design and make new models of water bikes. Hence, a biking ecosystem that will revolutionize the biking culture and transportation in the coming generation.

Final Thoughts

The BayCycle can be considered a modern revolution that can completely change the outlook of water transportation around the world. If the initiative works successfully, it can bring a great change in the water biking sector too. People can travel to work saving their time and expenses for their travel.

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